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a) who r the guys in the band - different characters?

We are four in the band quite different individuals:

Attila, the drummer is a real power-guy, an instinct-person, but in the deep he is really emotional I think. Maybe he only plays a role to show himself with a rude surface.

Istvan, the singer is very cool guy full of rock ‘n’ roll feeling. He hates to work and likes to travel a lot. Likes fast cars fast lifeJ.

PĂ©ter the other guitarist is a silent guy, with lot of emotion in the deep but he doesnÂ’t speak a lot, he doesnÂ’t share his opinion sometimes. But he can be a real party animal, too.

Gábor the bassist is a very self-centred man, he likes when everybody watches at him. He wants to seem to be hard guy sometimes, but he isn’t. He likes to tell stories and he has a lot…unfortunately. When he joined the band he was speaking for 2 weeks almost without stopping.

And maybe I will introduce myself (Balázs-guitars) with this intie.

b) your favorite bands / musicians
My favourite bands are: At The Gates, Carcass (last 3 albums), Dismember, Ozzy, Pantera. My favourite musicians are Zakk Wylde (Ozzy band, Black Label Society), Randy Rhoads (RIP!, ex-Ozzy), Andy LaRoque (King Diamond).

c) what kinda music do u really hate?
What I really hate is that ready-made pop music only for the market. I donÂ’t know how much do you know, but in Hungary today is a very famous trend: gipsy music mixed with techno-pop. So this is the biggest shit ever!!!

d) which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player?
At The Gates-Terminal Spirit Disease, Guns NÂ’ Roses- Appetite for Destruction and maybe Opeth- My Arms, Your Hearse

e) what else would u need?
Tons of battery for the CD playerÂ…noÂ….maybe a shipJ.

f) funniest tour experience?

Once in the demo times we played in Eger quite far from our hometown, so we slept there in flat rented from an old woman. She said "Guys, you can do everything just in silence". After the show we made a rude after-party and in the morning we went back to the accommodation. Our singer was totally drunk. He started to scream and he found a big candle with a crucifix on it. He started to speak like a gay and he put it front of is asshole. In that moment the old woman came in to the room and he wanted to say "Guys, we hadnÂ’t agreed in thiÂ…Â….." and he run away. We didnÂ’t have to pay for the room at all just leave the place immediatelyJ. It was a real rock Â’nÂ’ roll-star story, wasnÂ’t it?J

g) worst or most embarrassing situations?

For me it was the most embarrassing when the first time somebody came to sign his CDÂ… that was the first time when I realized that it is possible that somebody likes that weÂ’ve created.

h) best concert u´ve ever seen?

The best gig what IÂ’ve seen was THE HAUNTED in last April in Vienna, one of my favourite gigs ever. But PANTERA was great in Budapest on the Black Sabbath Re-union tour too. OPETHÂ’s last acoustic tour was simply the most beautiful gig ever.

i) best newcomerband?
Bridge To Solace from Hungary. Check ‘em out!!!

j) nicest holiday?
My nicest holiday was with the guys from the band in Switzerland. We played a gig there but we spent there 7 days, and it was beautiful with great friends.

k) happy about...
Nowadays I’m happy about that we started to make the first step to Europe both with the band and with Hungary. I’m happy about to make this intie with you. This is my first interview with a German ‘zine, reallyJ

l) disappointed about...

IÂ’m not really disappointed now. Maybe IÂ’m disappointed about the Hungarian metal scene. I got very bad experiences nowadays.

m) where did u grow up?

I grew up in Mosonmagyaróvár, in the North-Western part of Hungary. I live here nowadays as well and all of the members are from here. It’s a quite small town with 30000 citizens. I like it, but sometimes it is boring mostly after a longer tour.

n) favorite food?

I donÂ’t know. I have a lot of favourite dishes. Maybe I would tell Gulash, because everybody abroad knows only this Hungarian food.

o) can u cook?

No. IÂ’m a real anti-talent in cooking J . The only one thing I can make is a TeaJ.

p) your idols, influences?

I donÂ’t have idolsÂ…so I have favourite musicians, but I cannot respect them as idols. You know in the past I made a webzine, but when the main editor gave me some interview work I started to realize that I didnÂ’t care about the civil life of the musicians. I care only about their music. My influences in music are At The Gates, Ozzy guitarists, older-Paradise Lost, Anathema, Dismember mainly and some thoughts for my lyrics got from Kurt VonnegutÂ’s novels, some films (like Oliver StoneÂ’s The Platoon for example).

q) how was school?

As I remember I liked the school a lot. The primary school was shit, but the secondary school and the college was great. The happiest years of my life although I was not too much in the school building J. During the secondary school I was learning to play the guitar and when I went to the college I started CG.

r) still have normal jobs?

Yes of course. We donÂ’t earn any money with the band, but we spend/lose a lot for this. As I know there is only 1 rock/metal band in Hungary, who can earn with music and live only from this money.

s) most important things in life?

I think the most important is to leave something behind from yourself to know that you lived on this Earth. ThatÂ’s why I make music, maybe somebody will listen it after years and then he/she will know something about me.

 t) would u be a good polititian?

No. IÂ’m not a good liarJ. And I hate every thing in connection with politicsÂ…hmmmÂ…maybe thatÂ’s is an advantage for a polititian J.

u) any bad habits?
IÂ’m very stupid and rude when I drink strong alcoholic drinksJ.

v) does your family support your musical success?

Yes, in the beginning they did for us a lot, they gave us the cars, they bough us the instruments. Now, they are proud to their kids that they make an interview with J.

w) do u believe in god?


x) in what else do u believe?

I believe in self-strength. And maybe IÂ’m the only one in this Earth who believs in love, in real love in spite of that I had some bad experiencesJ.

y) what´s most important 4 u?

To tell the truth in every circumstances.

z) last statement?

Stay Rock ‘N’ Roll !!! 666 J


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