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a) Who r the guys in the band - different characters? 


I’m (Soph Day) the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Dave (Day) is our lead guitarist, Dan (Burchmore) is our bassist and Jake (Mason) our drummer.

b) Your favorite bands / musicians 


My favourite band is The Doors. I also love Big Brother and The Holding Company and Janis Joplin’s solo material, Hexvessel, Ahab, Jex Thoth, Nick Drake, BB King… all kinds of different things there.

c) What kinda music do u really hate? 


I’m not a fan of power or symphonic metal.

d) Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? 


Portishead’s back catalogue, “The Giant” by Ahab, “Cheap Thrills” by Big Brother and The Holding Company, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath, “Morrison Hotel” by The Doors and “No Holier Temple” by Hexvessel. I could go on and on…

e) What else would u need? 


Family photographs, contact lenses, a guitar, paper and a pen. I’m vegetarian but I reckon I’ll have to learn to eat meat and fish too…

f) Funniest tour experience? 


DeserFest Berlin was perhaps the best time we had on our last tour. We had quite an early slot, so spent the time afterwards drinking - some of us more than others. We spent the evening with members of various well known bands, spoiling the well behaved reputation we have built up haha.

g) Worst or most embaressing situations? 


I think the worst involved a public toilet in a Polish hostel, and two men – one defecating in a shower, and the other masturbating into a urinal. As you can imagine, I made a hasty exit. Grim.

h) Best concert u´ve ever seen?


That’s a difficult one. I went to see The Doors twice when they reformed with Ian Astbury on vocals, and both times were amazing. I’ve seen Sabbath a few times, but their last Birmingham gig was incredible. Soundgarden at Download Festival is also up there with one of my favourite gigs. The Kyuss reform gig was also amazing. However, I’m generally not a fan of big gigs, some of the best gigs I’ve attended was in pubs back in the late ‘90s, early ‘00s when I first got into this type of music - watching Mastodon, High on Fire, Orange Goblin, Sixty Watt Shaman, Spiritual Beggars, Nebula, Truckfighters, Brant Bjork etc in tiny rooms was awesome.

i) Best newcomerband? 


I’m not really aware of many new bands that are coming up, but our friends’ new band Ki are very cool, some of the guys used to be in Moghul. Also, they’re not really a new band but I really enjoyed Monolith Cult’s debut album “Run from the Light”.

j) Nicest holiday? 


My honeymoon in New Orleans and Memphis was easily the best and coolest holiday I’ve ever been on.


k) Happy about... 


My life at the moment. I have a great husband and family, brilliant friends, a job I enjoy, a band I’m loving being in and generally having great experiences.

l) Disappointed about... 


I’m not really disappointed in anything, but I wish my dad could be here so he could hear the new album and share the experiences with me. He passed away just after “White Hoarhound”, so he got to hear that album.

m) Where did u grow up? 


Brownhills, West Midlands, England – 12 miles North of Birmingham.

n) Favorite food? 


I absolutely love Indian and Moroccan dishes.

o) Can u cook? 


Yeah, I love cooking. I cook a lot of dishes from scratch, and like experimenting with different cuisines. I’m vegetarian but I don’t mind cooking meat for people.
p) Your idols, influences? 


My parents and nan are my idols. They brought me up well, and gave me lots of amazing opportunities.  


q) How was school? 


I loved school, without it I wouldn’t have been able to go to university – which were some of the best days of my life.

r) Still have “normal” jobs? 


Yes, we all work full time alongside the band.

s) What are the most important things in life?


My family, friends and dog are the most important things in my life. Alunah is also very important to me, as it allows a creative outlet and a break from the mundane. Getting the balance right between family/friends and the band is also important.

t) Would u be a good politician? 


No, neither would I want to be.

u) Any bad habits? 


I tend to talk over people too much, rather than listen to their full sentence. I’ve noticed it since doing video interviews, so I consciously try to avoid this now.

v) Does your family support your musical success? 


Yes, they’re great. All of our parents and siblings attend our gigs, Jake’s parents are perhaps our biggest fans.



w) Do u believe in god? 


I don’t believe in the heavenly god, but I do believe there’s something else - I haven’t figured out what it is yet though. I have an A-Level in religious studies where my main subjects were Buddhism and Old Testament. I’ve read various Pagan, Christian, Satanic and Buddhist texts in depth - religion interests me, but I’m not someone who practices anything, or attends church.

x) In what else do u believe? 


I believe in the power and beauty of nature, and I believe in myself. You can’t really deny either of those.

y) What is most important 4 u? 


Family, friends, my dog and my band. If I have those, I’m happy.
z) Last statement? 


Thank you to everyone who has supported Alunah, I hope you enjoy the new album. Remember, we are merely hairs on the bollock of the world!


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