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Matt said...



Hey guys... thanx for doing the mail-interview. Who am I writing with today? Seems like you are busy…

Thank you for your time as well. This is Matt, singer and guitarist of the band Trivium. 


Just always doing what we do; constant self-practice and group rehearsal.

You started your band 13 years ago. If you compare the time when you were a “young” band with the year 2016… how do you see your differences?

I am 13 years older from then, that’s for sure.

I am proud to see that the main goal and intent of Trivium remains unchanged since day one. When I first got into Metal, my goal in life was to be in the kind of band that can change the face of Metal and music; to be the kind of band who can play anywhere in the world to countless masses of amazing supporters; being able to play the music they want to play.

We are by no means at the epitome of the goal, but I can confidently say we are on the path.  

I see a big change in the music scene also in the last decade. More and more bands release their music. Do you agree that it´s getting harder for the people to keep a view over all new bands?

I can’t speak for the nostalgia of the past, but since the time I joined Trivium (from 1999 till  now), the music industry has been a constantly evolving, ever-shifting beast. It is a bands’ duty to learn how to appropriately navigate the changing times and be on top of their game. It is a band’s sole responsibility to be fantastic live and on-record; when a band puts everything they are into something - even if it doesn’t succeed - they can rest assured at least knowing that they are capable of putting everything they are into something in life.

… any advice for young bands?

Practice, practice, practice. Be amazing at your instrument or your voice; by yourself, and with the band. I see too many young bands who don’t warm up properly before shows; who don’t have the will to get better at their craft; and some who just cheat it all live anyhow.

Be great; want to be great. Work your asses off till you don’t want to work anymore, then go a bit further than that. This is a highly competitive, fast-moving world that is merciless to those who don’t grab it by the reins. 

You got a new re-release. “Ember To Inferno”. Why did you choose that one?

We chose this because there is nothing else to re-release. Ember is the only album that has been completely out of circulation for years, and it felt appropriate to box it up with the best of the best of the unheard-of years of the beginnings of Trivium.

Ab Initio is Latin for “from the beginning.” This re-release of Ember and the Blue, Red, and Yellow albums is meant to transport the listener back to the early days of Trivium’s humble beginnings.

Which responses do you expect?

The reaction has been astonishing already as I write this. Today is release date, and the album is flying off the shelves.

What´s gonna happen after the release?

The same that always happens: Trivium will keep doing what it does best. 


Back to your songs. Who´s responsible for the songwriting?

It’s different on a song-by-song basis. Every song since the Yellow album has different ratios of the three core members of Trivium: Corey, Paolo, and myself.

For the Red Album through Ember to Inferno, I was the sole song-writer. 


Anything special you like to write about? I´d say it´s something between deep melancholy and real, real, real heavy metal…

Every song is different, but I take the time to ensure that anything I decide to focus on lyrically is something that holds a very special place in my heart. Whether that is tackling a socio-political issue, an issue of the self, or a song of empowerment. In Trivium, everything is as important as the music: the lyrics, the visuals, the performances. 


What will be coming next?

We just finished our final USA Silence In The Snow tour, and all that is on the horizon is the final European Silence In The Snow tour. After that, we will go on a well-deserved break. 



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