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"A fire must burn!" That's the spirit of power metal's finest SEVEN KINGDOMS while blazing a wild passion through every millisecond of their monstrous music. Welcome Decennium, their furious 10th band anniversary – out on May 5th worldwide via Napalm Records.


Be sure: SEVEN KINGDOMS’ fast'n'heavy thrash and power metal is always up-tempo, fierce and epic. Songstress Sabrina Valentine sings with full force and her charismatic voice flirts insanely with heavy twin guitars. This much is certain: These Floridian whirlwinds made their mark in the holy world of metal already!

Decenium track listing:

1. Stargazer
2. Undying
3. In The Walls
4. The Tale Of Deathface Ginny
5. Castles In The Snow
6. Kingslayer
7. The Faceless Hero
8. Neverending
9. Hollow
10. Awakened From Nothing
11. In The Walls (EP Master) (Bonus Track)
12. Undying (EP Master) (Bonus Track)
13. The Bloody Meadow (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)
14. Stormborn (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)




See it for yourself with the new music video for the track “Stargazer" 


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