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Napalm Records Debüt des großen Dee erscheint am 27 Juli...

For The Love Of Metal


DEE SNIDER is an influential hard rock legend, reality TV star, Broadway alumnus, horror movie director, radio host and the face and voice of the legendary Twisted Sister. He possesses a resume that many would kill for. And yet the singer’s thirst for metal is far from quenched.

Now DEE SNIDER is back with a brand new album entitled For The Love Of Metal to be released on July 27th via Napalm Records.

The album was produced by Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta and features contributions from Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage), Mark Morton (Lamb Of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Joel Grindand Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust) and Charlie Bellmore (Kingdom Of Sorrow). 

Track listing:
1. Lies Are A Business
2. Tomorrow's No Concern
3. I am The Hurricane
4. American Made
5. Roll Over You
6. I'm Ready
7. Running Mazes
8. Mask
9. Become The Storm
10. The Hardest Way
11. Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)
12. For The Love of Metal


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