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Praise OF Satan


Today, Hells Headbangers sets September 14th as the international release date for the long-awaited second album of Brazil's Diabolic ForcePraise of Satan, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. 

A cult name in the metal underground, Diabolic Force are a power-trio in the classic mold of Venom, Bulldozer, and Motörhead. Theirs is a nasty 'n' blasphemous sound that encompasses the totality of ancient metal, be it thrash, speed, or first-wave black, but especially the unholy trinity of early Sodom, Bathory and Hellhammer. Diabolic Forcebuilt a granite-solid name on their underground work during the first decade of the 2000s, with the title of their first EP, Old School Attack, laying bare their aims. But it was the release of their debut album, March to Calvary, in 2009 which ingratiated the band to diehards the world over. Alas, the band have been sadly silent since, but the time has now arisen for Praise of Satan: in every way conceivable, an intensification and solidification of the trademark Diabolic Forceattack, fouler and fiercer and more memorable than ever.

Tracklisting for Diabolic Force (Brazil)'s Praise of Satan
1. Satan's Power
2. Doom Child
3. Cross in Fire
4. Blasphemic Sound
5. Volcanic Mutilation
6. Whorehouse Queen
7. Black Light Damnation
8. Rotting Lips
9. The Circle



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