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Neue EP der Epic Metal Newcomer!

Grey Maiden


Looking to strike while the iron is hot, Canadian true metal up-and-comers GATEKEEPER will release the "Grey Maiden" EP on February 22nd via Cruz Del Sur Music.


Featuring two brand-new compositions, a cover song and a track re-recorded from their first demo, "Grey Maiden" picks right up where the band’s acclaimed "East Of Sun" first full-length left off. The groundswell of support in North America and abroad - including the selling out of the vinyl and CD pressing of "East Of Sun" within six months - spurred GATEKEEPER to satiate their ever-growing fanbase with a new release.


"We’ve been working harder and faster than ever since all of this started happening," says guitarist and founding member Geoff Blackwell. "If there’s one thing I’ve learned from spending the past ten-plus years in bands, it’s that momentum is your greatest resource and you’ve gotta pour gasoline on the little fires that pop up in your career."


GATEKEEPER’s future plans include a tour of Europe in support of "Grey Maiden", including spots on key festivals such as Hell Of Hammaburg, Swordbrothers and Up The Hammers. In addition to more live dates in their home territory of Canada, GATEKEEPER will buckle down and get to work on their second LP, which, according to Blackwell, will feature material contributed by the entire band. But, before the calendar jumps over to 2019, some reflection of 2018 is warranted, a year that saw GATEKEEPER emerge as one of the best new traditional metal hopefuls in recent memory.



1. Grey Maiden

2. Tale Of Twins

3. Moss

4. Richard III


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